About World Champion TaeKwonDo

masterlee-homeWorld Champion Taekwondo is a premier Taekwondo Academy where we focus on strengthening both the mental and physical core of our students.

About Master Lee

Grandmaster Lee is a 7th degree black belt certified by the Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarters, who has lived a life dedicated to the art of Taekwondo.  He first started when he was 4 years old at a local Taekwondo academy in his hometown of Busan, South Korea.

In middle school he joined the elite sparring team where he won his first medal at a major tournament.  He continued hi elite training throughout high school and became nationally recognized as a Taekwondo prodigy when he became the youngest athlete to qualify for Korean National Team Trials in the history of the sport.

After a successful career in the sport as a junior athlete, he went on to major in Taekwondo at Kyunghee University on a full scholarship.  He flourished as a collegiate athlete , making it on to the Korean National Team twice( during hi sophomore and senior year).  Upon graduation, he joined a professional team in Korea where he was sponsored to go to various international tournaments and consistently won gold medals.

In addition to his training, he also continued his education while on the professional team and received a masters’s degree in Taekwondo with a concentration is sports science at his Alma Mater.  After retiring from his career as as athlete, he went  onto take a coaching position for the Paraguay National Team drastically improving their record on the international arena.

After two years in his coaching position, he moved back to Korea and opened up his own school.  Within a few years, though, he decided to act on his life vision of immigrating to the United States and imparting his knowledge of the martial art and sport to an international crowd.  Now the headmaster of our school, Grandmaster Lee devotes all of his time and energy into inspiring those around him and instilling the spirit of Taekwondo into all of his students.