World Champion Tae Kwon Do first began in 2001, and more than 20 years later, we continue to support and encourage each student who walks through our doors. Our Headmaster, Grandmaster Doo Kyun Lee, took over the school in 2009, transforming hundreds of people's lives and habits in the process. His dedicated athletic and competitive career has inspired many students to follow in his competitive spirit, which has produced national and international competitors, and fueled a spirit of family among each student and their families.

Why Us

Why Choose World Champion Tae Kwon Do?

Martial arts has long been a prominent figure in the American cultural landscape. With all the different martial arts schools available, it can be difficult to choose what is suitable for you and your family. To help, we made a quick, handy guide here for your own convenience.

What is Tae Kwon Do?

Tae Kwon Do is a martial art originating from the Korean peninsula, with roots stretching back to the 3rd century CE. It exploded in popularity two decades ago when it became an official Olympic sport. It is even gaining a movement to have it join the NCAA for collegiate athletes!

Because Tae Kwon Do is so widespread, there are millions of schools worldwide, and every Tae Kwon Do student can meet and compete with anyone around the globe. Many of our members have gone on to compete on local, regional, national, and even international stages!

Tae Kwon Do is unique from any martial arts in that it is mainly kicking-based. We teach several aspects of Tae Kwon Do, including poomsae (choreographed movements), sparring, self-defense, weapons, and demonstrations (performance).

We also teach life and developmental skills through Tae Kwon Do. In our classes, we instill in our students:

  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Dedication
  • Respect
  • Care
  • Trust
  • Patience
  • Self-esteem

Tae Kwon Do is a fantastic activity for anyone of any age. It is never too late to develop these skills! Through our carefully planned and structured classes, every student has made leaps and bounds in all the developmental aspects above and achieved their personal goals.

Meet Our Instructors

Grandmaster Doo Kyun Lee

Grandmaster Doo Kyun Lee is a 7th-degree black belt certified by the Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarters, who has lived a life dedicated to the art of Taekwondo.  He first started when he was 4 years old at a local Taekwondo academy in his hometown of Busan, South Korea.

Prodigy: In middle school, he joined the elite sparring team, where he won his first medal at a major tournament.  He continued his elite training throughout high school and became nationally recognized as a Tae Kwon Do prodigy when he became the youngest athlete to qualify for the Korean National Team Trials in the history of the sport.

International Champion: After a successful career in the sport as a junior athlete, he went on to major in Tae Kwon Do at Kyunghee University on a full scholarship. He flourished as a collegiate athlete, making it on to the Korean National Team twice, during his sophomore and senior year. After graduation, he joined a professional team in Korea, where he was sponsored to go to various international tournaments, such as Spain Open, France Open, and United States Open, where he won gold each time.

International Coach and Education: In addition to his training, he continued his education while on the professional team. He received a master's degree in Tae Kwon Do with a concentration in sports science at his alma mater. After retiring from his career as an athlete, he went on to take a coaching position for the Paraguay National Team, where he drastically improved their record in the international arena. Most recently, Grandmaster Lee was the head coach of the Duke University taekwondo team from 2011-2022, bringing home the program’s first national medals.

Teaching Philosophy: After two years in his coaching position, he moved back to Korea and opened his own school. Within a few years, he decided to act on his life vision of immigrating to the United States and imparting his knowledge of martial arts to an international crowd. Now the headmaster of our school, Grandmaster Lee devotes all of his time and energy to inspiring those around him and instilling the spirit of Tae Kwon Do into all his students. At our school, he has turned hundreds of students into dedicated Tae Kwon Do practitioners, who are black belts not just in martial arts but also in their personal life. His coaching also produced several national champions in high school and collegiate divisions, who went on to compete internationally representing the United States, as well as a USA Taekwondo National Team member, USAT Nationals silver medalist, and a Team Trials medalist.

Master Hasten Goins

Master Hasten has been a student at World Champion Taekwondo since 2010 and has become a well-respected and well-loved master by all our students. He has become our Master Instructor and leads many of our classes. He has had experience coaching many of our students in dojang tournaments but also in state competitions. He holds the rank of a 4th-degree black belt, as certified by Kukkiwon, and has dedicated himself to the sport, becoming a state champion in sparring, and a state silver medalist in poomsae, the traditional side of taekwondo. As a senior instructor, Master Hasten motivates our students with his great energy and positive attitude.

Master Jennifer Fetsch

Master Jennifer has been a student at World Champion Taekwondo since she was eight years old. She now holds the rank of a 4th-degree black belt as certified by Kukkiwon and is our office manager as well as one of our senior instructors. Master Jennifer has competed in local, state, and national tournaments, medaling in the top 3 of her division numerous times. She has also recently been a coaching representative at state and national tournaments, helping competing students improve their confidence and technique. She has been part of our school’s leadership team since 2017, inspiring many students to follow their passion.

Instructor Abbott Sherwin

Instructor Abbott has been involved with martial arts since he was five years old and began taekwondo in 2020, where he quickly fell in love with the sport. He has been part of our leadership team since 2021 and has also participated in national and state tournaments. Instructor Abbott holds the rank of a 2nd-degree black belt as certified by Kukkiwon but also holds two black belts in Karate. As part of our senior leadership team, he possesses the ability to teach various ages of students and shows consistent dedication to all students.

Instructor Hannah Register

Instructor Hannah began taekwondo when she was 13 years old and quickly grew to love taekwondo and the various benefits it has provided. She has been a leadership team member since 2022 and recently became a senior instructor. Instructor Hannah holds the rank of a 1st-degree black belt as certified by Kukkiwon, in which her determination has drawn her to succeed. Her ability to command a room and her charismatic attitude have made her an invaluable team member.

Our Programs

Membership Programs

Little Tiger Program (4-6 years old)

Our Little Tiger Classes are designed as an introduction course to Taekwondo for 4-6 year-olds.  In this class, we develop the mental and physical basics for class, including focus, respect, confidence, balance, coordination, and basic Taekwondo knowledge.  We do this in a fun and pressure-free environment to ensure that our students grow to love Taekwondo and have built a solid foundation.

Color Belt (6-13 years old)

Our Youth Classes are made to be a place outside of their home, school, and electronics where our students can be active and engaged. During class, students work on strength, flexibility, stamina, focus, confidence, and respect.  We do this through Taekwondo-based drills and activities that are fun and always instructor supervised to keep everyone safe and focused.

Family Classes (5 & up)

Family Classes are a great way for parents to spend time with their kids and stay active at the same time. Designed similarly to the youth classes, we make sure each class is high energy but at a level where each student gets the instruction they need and improves every class.

Teen and Adult Classes (13+)

The Teen/Adult Classes are an excellent way for adults to begin taekwondo or reintroduce themselves. These classes are designed for older students seeking a more challenging experience and more technical instruction.

Specialty Programs

Conditioning Team

This program is open to all interested in improving their physical and mental stamina. Participants will be subjected to a high-intensity workout which will vary to improve their resistance, endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Sparring Team

This program is designed for students interested in competing at a high level and prepared for a serious commitment to the sport. Students will receive individualized coaching from Grandmaster Lee.

Poomsae Team

This program is designed for students who are interested in competing at a high level in the traditional side of martial arts. Students will receive individualized teaching from Grandmaster Lee.

Private Lessons

These lessons are open for any student who needs extra help outside of class time or for students who may be preparing for competitions. Each lesson is curriculum enriched and designed for that student.

Special Events

Movie Night

Following each belt promotion test, our students have a night of fun games, pizza, and a great movie!

During holidays such as Christmas and Halloween, we have themed nights filled with amazing costumes, games, and treats!

Birthday Parties

Do You Have A Birthday Coming Up?
Do You Want Something Fun, Active, And Totally Unique For Your Party?


This party includes...

  • 90-minutes of tae kwon do fun for all ages
  • Exciting board-breaking for everyone
  • Cut your birthday cake with a sword!!!

Just call us and get your party today! For only $200, this is the best deal of any martial arts school!



Competitions are an excellent way for students to test their abilities against other taekwondo students. They are also a great way to build camaraderie within the school and provide an encouraging environment where each student is rewarded for their work ethic. Our students have won medals at local, state, and national competitions, demonstrating the skills they have developed.

Upcoming Events!

12th NC Open TKD Championship Poster

Class Schedule

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Trial Information

Get Started On Your Tae Kwon Do Journey Today!

Interested in trying out Tae Kwon Do at our school? At World Champion Tae Kwon Do, we offer a trial program! Ideal for beginners - no experience necessary - come see our high-quality instruction for yourself! Our Trial Program includes:

  • A private lesson with our master instructor
  • Board breaking
  • Two regular classes

By visiting our facilities, meeting our instructors, and getting hands-on Tae Kwon Do experience, you will be able to see the benefits of Tae Kwon Do clearly. We want to provide every resource we can for you to see where you feel most comfortable with your family's relationship with Tae Kwon Do and our school.

For only $20, you can get this full tour of who we are. But wait, call us to see what special discounts we are offering right now!

Contact us to get your trial program started today! Make an appointment for your private lesson!

Contact Us

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you! Please visit us at:

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"My nieces have been taking tkd lessons for almost 5 years now. I think it's been great for them. Master Lee and the other instructors are excellent mentors. Focus, mind control, and family values are emphasized just as much as punches & kicks. The girls really enjoy it too."

Marc Gauvin

"We love WCTKD! My son and my husband have been taking classes for more than a year now and they enjoy every single class. It is highly recommended for all ages! Kids learn about focus and discipline and have fun at the same time. All the instructors are amazing and really take care about the students." 

Savy Sanchez

"My daughter has been here for a year and a half and she loves it, she is very happy. Lots of discipline, focus and fun. Excellent instructors!!!"

Zorangel Iriarte

"My daughters have been coming here for 5 years and have earned their 2nd degree black belts in that time. One of them has developed a real passion for Tae Kwon Do and has taken on additional training opportunities. She loves it here and loves the Masters and instructors. WCTKD is like extended family to us." 

Tami Yoshimoto

"Awesome staff! If you are looking for a place to learn and be challenged, this is the best option!"

Gary Triplett

"The structure of this program provides a great team environment as kids build skills and improve strength and agility while also building focus. A great option to keep exercise, strength and discipline while having fun and making new friends." 

Meredith McCormack