PeeWee Class (Ages 3-5)

Our PeeWee Classes are designed as an introduction course into Taekwondo for 3-5 year-olds.  In this class, we develop the mental and physical basics for class including focus, respect, confidence, balance, coordination and basic Taekwondo knowledge.  We do this in a fun and pressure free environment to ensure that our students grow to love Taekwondo and have built a solid foundation.

Youth Classes (Ages 5-13)

Our Youth Classes are made to be a place outside of their home, school, and electronics where our students can be active and engaged. During class, students work on strength, flexibility, and stamina as well as focus, confidence, and respect.  We do this through Taekwondo based drills and activities that are fun and always instructor supervised to keep everyone safe and focused.

Family Classes (Ages 5 & Up)

Family Classes are a great way for parents to spend time with their kids and stay active at the same time. Designed similar to the youth classes, we make sure each class is high energy but at a level where each student gets the instruction they need and improves every class.

Teen and Adult Classes (Ages 13 & Up)

The Teen/Adult Classes are an excellent way for adults to begin taekwondo or reintroduce themselves. Class is set up that no student has to worry about their level of expertise or physical fitness.  Every student can learn at the pace required to best benefit their growth and health.

Demo Team

By invite only, the demo team is for students of advanced levels that wish to learn new taekwondo skills and forms for the purpose of demonstration.

Competitive Team

The Lion Team & Eagle Team Program is designed for students who are interested in competing at a high level and are prepared for serious commitment in the sport.